Welcome to Save Lakelands Forests!

Save Lakelands Forests is composed of “green-warriors” who have passion in taking care of the environment. We have been serving the environment for more than 20 years. Our primary goal is to save the forests. We have the seen the gradual destruction of our forests. The forests have been providing humans of their daily needs – food, shelter, and livelihood. However, we have abused the gifts of nature and destroyed these resources. Now, we urged everyone to unite and fight for our environment.

Without the forests, we will not survive. Thus, we created this blog to expand our reach to the people. We hope to increase the awareness and knowledge of the people regarding pressing threats and issues that are affecting our forests and the environment. We hope to disseminate information about how to take care of our forests and how to give back to our environment.

If we cannot work to rebuild the fallen environment, then we must be educated, at least. If we know the status of the environment, and if we are aware that its beauty is gradually fading, then we must start by avoiding things that will worsen the situation.

Should you have questions and concerns, or if you are willing to be partners with us, kindly reach us at info@savelakelandsforests.org.uk

Thank you!