5 Best Places to Live and Boat all Year Round

They say that the water is always bluer and the grass is always greener in these places and in today’s world that is plagued by pollution, these statements sound more like a fantasy than reality. However, our country-wide investigation has revealed that there still are boating communities that were able to preserve the environment while providing great opportunities for boating. Regulations that are friendly to boaters, access to waters and waterfront homes, and a local economy that suits the lifestyle of boaters, these are a few things that can be expected from the top 5 boating locations that we’ve listed below.

1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s geographical location makes it ideal for people who love the great outdoors and the water activities that come along with boating. Some say that the gray weather is common here but those who live in this area don’t let that weaken their zeal.

From the northern part of San Juan down to Olympia in the south, you will find hundreds of miles of salt water that’s protected by local regulations. These areas are surrounded by the scenic Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges that are known for its forested peninsulas and beautiful islands. Scenes of Seattle’s urban areas and other modern amenities will also be seen while boating along the waters.

Living in Seattle would almost certainly mean that life is going to revolve on outdoor activities especially those that involve some water activities. Lake Washington and Lake Union are two of the most popular communities that serve as Seattle’s lifeblood. Most employees of big companies like Boeing and Microsoft commute daily to work along these waters from their waterfront homes.

2. Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County used to be a secret a decade ago. It’s been considered a small boating community in the Ozark Mountains that is not known to most boaters. But today, Benton has grown to be the third among all the fastest-growing county in the entire United States all because of its well-preserved environment, an improving economy and access to boatable water that’s as wide as 30,000 acres!

The county is known for its clear lakes that is conducive for boating and even a little bit of diving too. Seeing such clear waters would truly entice someone to dive and see the beauty up-close while others settle with enjoying the scenes from the surface while riding a boat.

A 90-mile stretch of boating waters in Beaver Lake is available and it has become one of the most popular spots for boating enthusiasts. Development of residential areas has also grown in this area recently. For instance, Eagle’s Bluff now has around 2,355 acres of lakefront area on which houses can be built. To make things even better for boaters, the season that’s perfect for boating is almost year-round being halted only when weather that’s¬†known as the “blue norther” sets in.

3. Knoxville, Tennessee

The Tennessee River that runs towards the downtown area has become a regular part of every aspect of life in Knoxville, Tennessee. And because of this, it isn’t a surprise why popular manufacturers of boats and boating supplies have set their shops along this area. Yes! You’ll find MasterCraft, Skier’s Choice, Sear Ray and Bayliner here while upstream, the river features an abundance of camping and fishing spots which is a paradise for every boater!


The biggest event that pulls people and boaters alike in the downtown area is the University of Tennessee’s football season. When this event starts, there’s an abundance of parties and tailgating that’s going to happen on boats plus a lot more water-related activities by both locals and tourists.

The water that flows away from downtown forms Fort Loudon Lake. This area has seen a growth in the development of lakefront housing. However, it is the Tellico Lake that really serves as the centerpiece. Most boat manufacturers test their boats here. It has also been known as a good place to live in since the country renowned Tellico Village opened its doors in 1990.

4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Also popularly known as the “Venice of America,” it’s almost like a floating city that’s unique among all the other boating sites in the country. Fort Lauderdale boasts some 165 miles of waterways and canals that surround and even weaves through the entire city. All these combined with Florida’s great boating weather that lasts year-round makes it a paradise for boaters where they can spend most of their time on the water without even stepping on land!

The area even has its own floating bus system which started as a taxi service on water using boats that are 26-foot long. At present, they are now capable of carrying up to 46 people through the city’s canals.

Fort Lauderdale’s waters have become an essential part of the economy. Boat and marine-related businesses here brings in up to $5 Billion of revenue annually with income topping around October when the world-renowned in-water boat show takes place.

5. Tampa Bay, Florida

If you’re looking for the perfect boating experience then Tampa Bay Florida should be on top of your list. Just like all the other boating spots listed above, this area has an abundance of waters and waterfront housing development which makes it watery heaven for every boating enthusiast.