5 Fun Camping Places to Put On Your List

Summer is coming and in order to help you choose the perfect summer destination where you can spend some days camping out, we’ve prepared this list of 5 best camping sites in the USA.

Codorus State Park

Where It’s Found: Hanover, Pennsylvania

Why Choose To Camp Here: The view of the Appalachian Mountains makes this place a beautiful spot for relaxation. There’s an abundance of places to explore which includes a historic chapel that is found buried within the winding trails. A camping area that exudes a backcountry feel is also available where campers can pitch their tent and stay away from the sound of generators and RVs used by electric campers. Codorus State Park covers many historic sites and it also surrounds a lake where boating, fishing, and other water-related recreational activities can be done.

Wildlife: Waterfowls, songbirds, deer, muskrats, turtles and other wild animals are going to be a common sighting along the trails while you are hiking or hanging out on the lake.

Amenities Offered: Codorus State Park allows fishing, swimming, and boating in its waters. If you love the great outdoors then you can do mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding in its trails.

Buffalo Camp


Where It’s Found: Sun Prairie Unit, American Prairie Reserve (APR), Montana

Why Choose To Camp Here: Buffalo camp is unlike any other campsite that you know. First, talking about its distance, it is at least an hour away from the nearest services of any kind. And traveling to these services will require you to pass through the largest sagebrush steppe and prairie grasslands in the entire United States. While in the camp, you’ll enjoy seeing and hearing the beautiful noises from birds, bison, coyotes, and many other wild animals. You’ll also love how the symphony of wildlife blends while you’re felling the closeness to mother at the same time.

Wildlife: Buffalo Camp isn’t called that way just by pure coincidence or sheer preference. It is called and named the way it is because of the 600 bison that are free to roam within the property. Located just north of the cam is a wide 1.1 million acres of the protected area known as the Charles M. Russel Wildlife Refuge. It’s one of the few places that gives habitat the critically endangered animal known as the black-footed ferret. The ferrets are seldom seen in the area because of their few numbers but while exploring the area, you’ll be able to see some pronghorn, bighorn sheep, elk, sage grouse, and even burrowing owls.

Amenities Offered: If you’re looking for an unprecedented view of birds and wildlife then Buffalo Camp has plenty of opportunities for that. Just a short trip from the camp is Fort Peck Reservoir which is a perfect fishing and boating spot.

Wes Cooksey Dam County Park

Where It’s Found: Camp Wood, Texas

Why Choose to Camp Here: You’ll enjoy great scenery with roads that are perfect for motorcycling. It is located close to Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 also known as the “Three Sisters”. These roads are famously known for the exciting twists and turn that it has.

Wildlife: Throughout the summer, bat emergence tours become available but you need to get yourself a reservation in advance. The place isn’t far away from Camp Wood (approximately 45 minutes drive) and is a great adventure trip during the summer season.

Amenities Offered: The camp has plenty of shaded areas with a dam and a lake for everyone to enjoy. Tents and camping sites are mostly located along the river.

Brighton State Park

Where It’s Found: Island Pond, Vermont

Why Choose To Camp Here: The Northeast Area is home to some of the most beautiful rural settings. It’s also known for its gorgeous boreal habitat and if you’re looking for a camping site that’s as close to plant and animal life as possible then Brighton State Park is the best place to visit. If you’re looking to visit even more places then you can do so in the Moose Bog & Wenlock Wildlife Management Area which are both located within the same area.

Wildlife: While traveling through the area, you’ll be able to see some moose which are common especially near the major roads within the state park. Driving towards the east and traveling on Route 105 for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, you should be able to encounter a moose along the way. Boreal species of birds such as grey jays and spruce grouse are also common in this area which is one of the best places in Vermont to see such birds species in their natural habitat. Traveling two miles even further towards the east, you’ll be able to reach the place where the rare Canada Lynx is known to take refuge. This species has just been spotted in the Nulhegan Basin Division of the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge.

Amenities Offered: The park is located at the shore of Island Pond and has around 90 campsites, cabins, and lean-tos and most of them are built along the shore. Camper beach is a sandy part of the area where swimming and relaxation on the waters is a good activity to do during the day. The evening is a time when the nesting loons sound-off their haunting but beautiful calls and yodels which echoes across the lake.

White River National Forest

Where It’s Found: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Why Choose To Camp Here: White River National Forest has a total of eight areas of wilderness and over 2,500 miles of trails. It offers a host of outdoor activities for day-trippers and campers and is known as the most visited national forest in the country. Campers have the freedom to hike through the trails or just stay and enjoy the amazing view of the Maroon Bells Scenic Area.

Wildlife: Red fox, bighorn sheep, mule, deer, pika, and grey jays are a common sight in the forest.

Amenities: Different activities are allowed in the site which includes camping, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, horseback riding and many more!