Our Resources

Our primary goal is to provide awareness about conserving and preserving the Earth’s natural resources. We use this digital platform to spread the knowledge about environmental protection in a more interactive and convenient way. Our blog only contains relevant information that is validated from our reliable and trusted sources. If you want to get more updates about Earth conservation, check out their websites:

Conserve Energy Future

Conserve Energy Future is a simple website that tackles about energy conservation – solar, wind and geothermal. They also have blog articles that talk about pollution, recycling, global warming and other environmental issues and concerns.

National Geographic

National Geographic is the leading website about world geography and exploration. They have content about biodiversity, environment, plants and animals, history, science, and culture, among others. National Geographic is a reliable source if you want to know about the latest Earth facts and discoveries.

Live Science

Live Science is also a trusted website that deals with the latest news and updates about science. They also offer content about health, technology, history, culture, and most especially, the planet Earth.

One Earth Conservation

One Earth Conservation is a nonprofit organization that specializes in empowering people to take care of nature, support climate activities and conserve wildlife.

World Wildlife

WWF is the leading organization that strives to “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats” to our existence and the world. They have been dedicated to the study and conservation of food, climate, fresh water, wildlife, forests, and oceans.